Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sunset on lake storsjön

heaven & earth, 1910 swedish folk song

it is moose hunting season now, so you can't pick blueberries in the forest anymore.

i have been bicycling along pastures and train tracks, skipping stones (the swedish translates to "throwing sandwiches") and playing accordion everyday. allt är bra.


Johanna said...

My darling girl,
i wish i were throwing gigantic sandwiches with you.
keep playing accordion, we're going to make some amazing music together next year.
I'm getting ready to leave for Europe... who knows maybe I'll come visit blåbär land.

Keep blogging.

I love you.

JesseArg! said...

but whyyyyyy would you want to pick blueberries when you could be hunting moose!?!?

Adanis said...

I wish I knew how to say incredible in swedish!