Saturday, September 27, 2008

photos from last weekend

my view walking to the farm. an 80 year old man named gunnar picked me up and drove me there, for the price of one kiss on the cheek.

ekologiska grönsaker från ås trädgår

lars olsson, owner of ås trädgår
in the kitchen during lunch break

katarina and sofia in östersund

cunning calle

quiche i made and brought into the cafe

we went to the last night of the proms, very silly in general and even sillier outside of britain
but we got in for free because i asked nicely!

sunday, peter and i went to an auction in ås. his father is an antique dealer and he has been going to auctions and flea markets his whole life, and can date furniture or china pieces. apparantly the auctioneer at this particular place was voted the best in sweden. he was amazing, it was like rap (mainstream rap, rhymin bout money and material possessions)

cafe at the auction in an old dansband venue

amazing old dansband posters

i bid on a super 8 camera and projector, and a lace bedspread but didnt win.

the leaves are changing, its beyond beautiful. yesterday morning we had class at rickards house, ate blueberry cake and went on a walk to tibrandshögen, a viking burial site and old trade center in the 1600s. no pictures, but it was epic to say the least. we also went to see where the storsjöon joodjet has allegedly left some stool samples on the shore.

last night was a bonfire, wine and breeders sing alongs.

no bicycling to norway, because a storms a'comin, but today per calle and i are going to go on a hike and picnic.

next weekend going to lal lal lal festival 2008 in helsinki!!!


jaforrester said...

Stunning! One question - "breeders" sing-along? As in heterosexual's? Or is that too West Hollywood for Sweden?!

erin said...

breeders, as in kim deal from the pixies. sweden is pretty homo though.