Tuesday, September 30, 2008

room i röstahammar

i walked into my room and realized that the contents on my table and windowsill were a perfect still life representation of all my activities at the moment. clockwise, the top left is a crochet hook i made out of birch, the slöjd part of my days. then stereo viewer and camera (been making many slides), knitting mittens, accordion, reading (currently slavoj zizeck, michael pollan, jerzy kosinski, keller easterling and john steinbeck) and flowers from ås trädgård.

polaroid of accordioning on lake störsjon, mobile book borrowed from slöjdhus.

a woven picture from a loppis (flea market) made in 1981

crochet hook made from birch, spoon, and antler necklace.

detail of spoon handle

detail of sawed antler necklace with braided cord.

close up of mittens

a still from my pagan carrot stop motion animation. (quick summary, all the twisted interesting carrots are fertility idols from freyr, and are worshipped until christianity comes to sweden in the form of standard carrots, reject the heathens and distribute carrot crosses. all made from leftover vegeatbles from the farm.)

had a lovely weekend, went for a beautiful hike with a beautiful picnic on saturday(curry, beet salad with goat cheese, bread and blueberry coffee cake) with lakes and everything growing on stone surfaces. also saw some 6000 year old viking petroglyphs of elk.

i also wrote my first story in swedish, perhaps i will reproduce it here later.

cant wait for finland, and following weekend i see rose and jesse!!!!!!

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