Monday, February 23, 2009

umeå hxc

this weekend we played at umeå folk festival. two days of dancing, nyckelharpas, accordions, fiddles and fiddles, beers and tunes. it was amazing to hear music that i have learned being played by others 6 hours north, a confirmation of my experience and education here, being played by young, old, black, white, chilean, slovakian, indian. the afterparty was from 2 am to 8 at the premiere hardcore squat of sweden (where refused and raised fist came from) clumps of fiddlers and players crowded the hallway and sitting room, furiously playing song after tune after beer. i danced polskor and schottis for hours in a dark room papered with hardcore flyers and x's. so funny. 6 hour bus ride back of neck cricks and oranges. today is translation and raw vision.

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