Wednesday, November 5, 2008

et plus, bien sur

street markets, best friends, garibaldi, french panel, palais de tokyo, fig salad, finnish folk babes, photobooths, peanuts and pinball, spooning, tea, attic apartments, palaces, jeff koons, halloween, jodhpurs, beer smugglers, sitar, goth bar, bastille nights, rainy lazy days, madeleines, international dinner parties, boat show/show boat, shoe switch, midnight kebab, marche aux puces, joints and boots, montmartre, brian de palmes, bar a soupes, corsano & flower, the metro, a bus, a plane, a shuttle, a bus, a train, a taxi, a shower.

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Femin Susan said...

All the posts are breathe taking with the photos. There are stuffs for both laughing and thinking. Meet me at my blog