Thursday, November 20, 2008

fi fan

last night we went up birkabacken at 11pm, armed with mittens and cafeteria trays. sliding down on our backs, our feet, our stomachs, on top of eachother, holding hands, barely on. snowballs were responded with faces rubbed in the freezing white. my thighs were bright angry red from the cold.

in other compartments, i shall say 70s stamp mobile, metallica badminton, canopy, bean trees, astrid lindgren, swedish pancakes, ceramic flutes, waltzing lessons, animal prints.


JesseArg! said...

the black album... the beginning of the end.

erin said...

the ultimate pick up line.

Adanis said...

miss you like a limb
(that is to say, horribly)
I would that we could sled together!